Bingo Every Saturday
$500 Must Go Jackpot
Doors Open At 5:00PM | Early Birds Start at 7:00PM

Starting October 14th Bingo will be held at our new station, 4418 Gibsonia Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044. Doors will open at 5:00 pm.

Food and beverages are available. Must be at least 16 years of age to attend. Any questions about Bingo can be directed to Josh Wiegand or Julie Eyerman at (724) 443-3351.

Our standard package pricing, outlined in the table below, is for 20 regular games, 4 special games and magic number. Magic number is played on regular games only.

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Pricing for 20 regular games, 4 special games and magic number.

6 Cards
21 Cards
9 Cards
24 Cards
12 Cards
27 Cards
15 Cards
30 Cards
18 Cards
33 Cards

Extra Cards $1.50 for strip of 3

Additional games to be purchased that are not included in our standard package are detailed as follows.

Additional Games
Early Birds (3 Cards/4 games)
$40.00, $60.00 on Starburst
Bonanza (1 Card)
Half of Take
KABOOM (1 Card)
1 of 5 Progressive Jackpots
Progressive JP (3 Cards)
Progressive Jackpot is paid if bingo is called within the required amount of numbers, $200 Consolation prize
$500 Jackpot (3 Cards)
$500 paid each night, plus $50 to first top or bottom line
Winner Take All (6 Cards)
100 % of take

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I was in the house on Dawn Road. I cannot thank all of you enough. You are all heroes. Thank you. I still cant believe what happened. I hold all of you in the highest regard for what you did and do everyday, thank you and a special thank you to Miste, she is a HERO. She woke up my daughter and that’s how we got out. I really don’t have enough words.
Tina S.

Contact Our Station

4418 Gibsonia Road

Gibsonia, PA 15044

Phone:  (724) 443-3351

FAX:  (724) 443-4655