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Welcome to West Deer VFC #3

Welcome to the official website of West Deer Township Volunteer Fire Company #3, also known by the call sign of Allegheny County Station 290.

Located in the hills of West Deer Township along Gibsonia Road, the station serves the residents of the community with an entirely volunteer force. Whether you interested in learning more about us, or even interested in joining us, please enjoy browsing our site.

Call Volume

2020 Call Log

May: Fire
May: QRS
Yearly Total: Fire
Yearly Total: QRS

Latest News

Stay up to date with current events, call logs, and special events / programs throughout the year.

2020 Call Log
2019 Call Log
Jan: 21 Fire / 45 QRS
Jan: 31 Fire / 37 QRS
Feb: 24 Fire / 38 QRS
Feb: 41 Fire / 35 QRS
Mar: 25 Fire / 37 QRS
Mar: 28 Fire / 37 QRS
Apr: 15 Fire / 13 QRS
Apr: 24 Fire / 37 QRS
May: 17 Fire / 29 QRS
May: 26 Fire / 36 QRS
Jun: 22 Fire / 35 QRS
Jul: 41 Fire / 46 QRS
Aug: 32 Fire / 35 QRS
Sep: 35 Fire / 20 QRS
Oct: 24 Fire / 23 QRS
Nov: 27 Fire / 41 QRS
Dec: 28 Fire / 41 QRS
Total: 102 Fire / 162 QRS
Total: 360 Fire / 423 QRS

United Way Contributor Choice Program

West Deer VFC # 3 is now an eligible supported agency through the Contributor Choice donation program. Organization code: 11940616

Bingo Gift Cards

Bingo Gift Cards are now available, please contact Josh Wiegand at (724) 443-3351 or visit our Bingo Facebook Page.

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Training Available

Training is available for Fire Extinguisher Usage and CPR upon request.

We Can't Do It Without Your Help

Our members donate their time and talents and often risk their personal safety to protect you, your loved ones and the community – and we do it willingly and proudly. But we can’t do it without your help!

Remember that your life and rescue protection is an essential service. Please click the “Donate” button below to safely and securely make your donation through PayPal.

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Contact Us

West Deer Township Volunteer Fire Company
Number 3 – Station 290
4372 Gibsonia Road • Gibsonia, PA 15044

Phone:  (724) 443-3351  |  mail@westdeervfc3.com